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Hello World

By oschvr

Published 2 months ago February 19, 2018, 6:00 PM


Welcome to VR3’s official blog

A place where you will see and experiment some stuff we’re playing with.

As we are aproaching our 3rd year working together, we can say that we have done:

(~ are aproximations.)


So we’ve decided to, in order to improve, and continue growing steadily, we must change a couple of things around here, in the form of goals:

We are a high tech company on its way to exponential growth, and we acknowledge that building a stronger foundation and a clearer message is the way to achieve it.

Our focuses will now narrow down to 3 single computing Research and Development areas (in no particular order):

We are working everyday with the sole purpose of creating a much better version of ourselves in any way possible, by using technology and advancements. Our awareness of the political, economical and social problems our country is undergoing, is our major motivation to keep working.

Some one asked in the office: Why English if you’re based in Mexico? Here’s the answer:

  1. Of course there will be posts and experiments in Spanish.
  2. Most of the code and documentation cited here is in English.
  3. We want to, finally, open up our progress to the world, hence English.

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